About us

Here in Contacta Psicólogos we specialize in psychological services adapted to a wide spectrum of needs. Whether you need to develop a specific aspect of your life or receive a full psychological therapy, you´ll find it here. We also have a wide offer for businesess, including coaching programs and training courses for today´s corporate world.

Nuestro EquipoAlmost all of our programs and services are done online, which makes the experience more flexible both for our clients and professionals. This allows for greater freedom in choosing the schedules, asides from eliminating the expense and time of commuting.

The online format is especially interesting for those people who don´t have much time, have a limited mobility or can´t afford the expense of a traditional therapy or coaching session, since eliminating the cost of office space allows us to offer better prices.

The privacy is absolute, since you choose the place where you are going to have your sessions, and we adhere to all the confidentiality and ethical guarantees established by the Official Psychology Institute.
For more information, please check the “Services” section or contact us. We are ready to solve any doubts you may have.

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